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LiquaForce on the Rise with LandHub

Operating for nearly 20 years, north Queensland liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce is a well-known name to sugar cane growers along the east coast of Queensland.

And while core business may well be liquid fertiliser supply, the team wear many hats. On any given day someone in a LiquaForce shirt can be an innovator, a researcher, a logistics officer or paddock confidant.

Led by local Ingham boy, Managing Director Cameron Liddle was born into a rural trading family. He’s seen his father make deliveries at 2am in the morning to a customer in need; has had a front row seat to the good times and the not so good times in the sugar industry; knows the merit of eye contact and a handshake; and he’s bound by loyalty to the people and industry who have made his business – and the people who work in it – part of a proud north Queensland success story.

It’s with those values that LiquaForce has been built – with strong roots that have allowed the business to grow and expand to supply growers from Mossman to Sarina.

Their products are proudly more than just NPKS in a bag and are also the only liquid fertiliser products on the market today for the sugar cane industry that are backed by quantified, independent data and research.

Recently, LiquaForce has risen once again to meet market demand, developing LAND HUB – a platform designed to make it easier for growers to access and store their farm data, improve their management decisions around inputs and farm productivity, clearly calculate what nutrients should be applied to the crop, and record production outputs.

Built off the back off LiquaForce’s core belief that sustainable coastal farming is absolutely possible with the right tools in the hands of growers, a specific LAND HUB Project has been rolled out by the Mackay Whitsunday Water Quality Program, funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

The LiquaForce and LAND HUB teams look forward to meeting you – or catching up again – throughout the Project Catalyst event.

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