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  • Cameron Liddle

Farming Knowledge in your pocket

LAND HUB was developed in 2019 in consultation with growers and agronomists across the Queensland sugarcane and horticultural industries to address the need for easier access to key information to support farming decisions for productivity improvement.

The LAND HUB platform was built by north Queensland-based company LiquaForce in an effort to make it easier for growers to access and store their farm data, improve their management decisions around inputs and farm productivity, clearly calculate what nutrients should be applied to the crop, and record production outputs.

Developed by those with a core belief that sustainable coastal farming is possible with the right tools in the hands of growers LAND HUB meets all regulatory requirements for Farm Nutrient Management Plans and actually builds the Plan for you based on the Six Easy Steps, or your industry BMP that is tailored to your region, your farm, your paddock and your soil.


  • Tell you about your farm – your crops, soils, and farm nutrient requirements

  • Offer an optimised Farm Nutrient Management Plan built on six easy steps or your industry BMP, tailored to your region, your farm, your paddock, and your soil

  • Your farm data is available at your fingertips, even if you’re offline

  • Your farm data is securely stored in one digital location; your data is private and cannot be accessed without your permission

  • Your farm information builds year on year, enabling easy long-term monitoring of crop and financial performance over time

  • You can unlock productivity improvements through better knowledge of your farm

  • You get a deeper understanding of underlying agronomic issues and solutions suitable to your farm

  • You can collaborate with your agronomist on LAND to help them, help you.

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